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Herd Registry

To register a water bufffalo, click on the highlighted registration at the bottom of the page and provide the information requested below in the email text window. Be sure to mail $25 for each registration request or $15 for each ownership transfer of a registered animal to the American Water Buffalo Association, Box 13533, Gainesville, FL 32604

Indicate registration type.

Registration ($25) Owner Transfer ($15)
Information about the animal.

1. Animal’s name
2. Animal’s private herd number. (The private herd number refers to the number
that you have assigned to this animal in your own herd.)
3. Animal’s place of birth. (country and state or province)
If you do not know, indicate where the animal was acquired.
4. When was the animal born? (month, day, year)
5. How was the animal’s dam impregnated? Naturally? Artifical insemination? Embryo transplant
6. What is the sex of the animal?
7. Describe the animal’s tattoo and location if applicable.
8. Describe the animal’s Holding Brand and location. Send a sketch by mail with your check.
9. What type of animal is it? Swamp? River?
10. What color is the animal?
Black? Dark brown? Light brown? Cream? Dark gray?
11. Does the animal have any distinctive markings?
Information about the sire and dam of the animal
12. What is the name of the animal’s sire, if you know?
13. What is the private herd number (the number you use on your herd) for the animal’s sire?
14. What is the name of the animal’s dam?
15. What is the private herd number (the number you use on your herd) for the animal’s dam?
16. The sire’s owner is an individual? a corporation or business? Other?
17. What is the name of the sire’s owner (last name first)
18. Please provide the full STREET ADDRESS for the SIRE’S OWNER (if not you).

If possible, please provide the TELEPHONE NUMBER for the sire’s owner as well.
Include all country and city codes if the sire’s owner resides outside the United States.…